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The Italian Diagnostic Center, active in Milan since 1975, is an outpatient health structure oriented towards the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases in the setting of a day-hospital regime. CDI headquarter is accredited by Joint Commission International since 2006. It operates in the Lombardia area through a network of 23 structures, located in Milan, Pavia and Varese provinces.

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Radiosurgery with CyberKnife for tumor therapy

CyberKnife is a radiosurgery system that automatically monitors and accommodates patient and tumour movements throughout the procedure. No invasive anchoring to a rigid frame is required, and therefore there is no need for the patient to be hospitalized. CyberKnife is currently based on real-time image-guidance technology.

The unit’s sophisticated software locates and monitors the target neoplasm, coordinates “on-line” the robotic arm’s movements and carries out the radiosurgical procedure with extreme accuracy and precision. The system provides sub-millimetre accuracy and a steep dose gradient, so that a high dose of radiation can at the same time hit the desired target and spare the critical organs that surround it. This makes it possible to treat intracranial lesions and other critical areas such as the spine, the lungs, the liver, the pancreas and the prostate.

Prenatal genetic tests

These are extremely reliable, new-generation screening tests that greatly reduce the need for invasive procedures and associated abortion risks. In non-invasive prenatal tests (NIPT), cell-free foetal DNA circulating in a sample of maternal blood is screened and analysed. During pregnancy, in fact, some DNA fragments from the foetus and the placenta circulate in the mother’s blood, increasing in concentration as the pregnancy progresses and disappearing after delivery. The test may be carried out in both single and multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets, etc.) and in both spontaneous and medically assisted pregnancies.

Taylor made Check Up

Drawing from the clinical experience in over 40 years of activity, CDI has designed a customized check-up program that, following international guidelines, is the constantly updated synthesis of the latest diagnostic protocols for primary and secondary prevention. CDICHECK BLUE is a comprehensive and personalized clinical pathway, carried out under the oversight of a Coordinating Internal Medicine Specialist, that leads to really customizing the whole diagnostic process with a view to evidence for all risk factors (Primary Prevention), to Secondary Prevention (evidence of underlying conditions that may have previously gone undiagnosed) and to Tertiary Prevention (diagnostic/therapeutic monitoring for systemic diseases).

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