Why Lombardy

Why Lombardy is the best medical destination in Europe?

Lombardy is the very heart of an innovative economy characterized by qualified human capital, able to attract research centers of excellence.

In Lombardy there are the main Italian research centers, among which 13 universities, 12 CNR (National Research Council) institutes and 19 IRCCS (Scientific Institutes for Research, Hospitalization and Healthcare).
Biotechnologies, biomedical technologies and pharmaceuticals, the network among hospitals and research and treatment centers are key resources for Lombardy’s development.

Lombardy hosts almost a third of biotech firms and medical devices in Italy.


The Life Sciences Ecosystem

Thanks to an interconnected ecosystem of companies and public and private organisations, Lombardy and Milan are the heart of life sciences in Italy.

The advanced specialization of the Healthcare System leads to precision medicine approach in many different therapeutic areas, from non-communicable and rare diseases, to chronic conditions and advanced therapies. Healthcare Excellence is internationally certified by Performance Rankings and Certification Bodies, plus a National System monitoring outcomes and results for each Hospital and I.R.C.C.S.

Hospital Admission
Research Centers
Specialized doctors

Research & Education for Innovation

Lombardy’s social, health, education, university, research and production systems provide an ecosystem that fosters life sciences innovation and research.

According to Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) data, more than 50% of the clinical trials carried out in Italy in the pharmacological field are concentrated in Lombardia Region.

The Lombardy healthcare system

The Lombardy healthcare system, characterized by quality and efficiency, is a model of reference both in Italy and worldwide.

With the benefit of private partnerships in fact, it ensures its citizens and those who live in other regions or abroad have access to prime level health care with all the advantages of a public system.


Lombardy is synonym of Excellence and Quality.