Auxologico is a Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Health Care operating in Lombardy, Piedmont, Lazio and Romania through 18 hospital, diagnostic and multi-specialty clinic facilities that work in synergy and close connection.

Established in 1958, Auxologico has acquired recognized experience in biomedical research, highly specialized medical assistance, treatment and training thanks to the availability of cutting-edge technologies and instrumentation and highly professional medical teams.

Auxologico’s areas of excellence include cerebro-cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, endocrine-metabolic, immunological, and aging-associated diseases. Much consideration is devoted to robot-assisted surgery, minimally invasive procedures, and genetic and molecular investigations.

Main activities are:

  • Research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitationof cardiovascular, neurological, endocrine,metabolic and immunological diseases.
  • Surgery, minimally invasive surgeryand robotic surgery.
  • Genetics of cardiovascular, neurological and endocrine diseases.
  • Prenatal and postnatal diagnosis of rare genetic diseasesand chromosomal alterations.
  • Highly experienced doctors
  • Advanced medical equipment
  • Customized service

Urology – Robotic prostatectomy and nephrectomy

The Urology and Andrology Unit at the Capitanio Hospital offers a comprehensive, high-quality response to all urological and andrological problems in men (prostate cancer, prostatic hypertrophy, erectile dysfunction, male infertility, and others) and urological for women (female genital prolapse, urinary incontinence and others). It also deals with kidney, adrenal, ureter, and bladder diseases.

Surgical activities:
● Andrology
● Laparoscopic and robotic surgery for the treatment of genitourinary prolapses and more complex forms of incontinence
● Laparoscopic colposuspension sec. Burch
● Phrenulotomy
● Sacral neuromodulation
● Autologous/heterologous suburethral slinging
● Cryoablation treatment of renal neoplasms
● Holmium laser endourological treatment of urinary lithiasis and upper excretory tract neoplasms
● Holmium laser and green light endourological treatment of prostatic hypertrophy
● Laparoscopic and robotic treatment [da Vinci robots] of major functional urological surgical diseases [malformative, genito-urinary prolapse, incontinence] ● Laparoscopic and robotic treatment [da Vinci robot] of major urological surgical pathologies for malignant neoplasm
● Minimally invasive treatment of multirecurrent bladder neoplasms
● Urogynecology

Orthopaedics – Hip and knee prosthetic surgery

The Auxologico activity relevant to Orthopaedics and Traumatology combines an advanced technology level with the acknowledged competencies and skills of orthopaedic surgeons and traumatologists as well as of doctors specialized in anaesthesia and resuscitation.

The most advanced techniques of mini-invasive prosthetic surgery that are also adopted in cases of revision of failed prosthetic implants are used for hip and knee prostheses. The shoulder surgery and the hand surgery, the mini-invasive foot surgery and the arthroscopy treatment of joints are other areas of specific expertise.

Surgical activities:
● Knee arthroscopy
● Shoulder arthroscopy
● Foot surgery with minimally invasive or percutaneous techniques
● Traditional and minimally invasive hand surgery
● Prosthetic hip surgery
● Prosthetic ankle surgery
● Prosthetic knee surgery
● Prosthetic shoulder surgery
● Osteosynthesis of fractures
● Capsuloligamentous and joint reconstruction of the shoulder and knee
● Arthroscopic and traditional treatment of elbow and knee
● Treatment of bone fractures (upper and lower limb)

General Surgery

The General Surgery clinical activity at Auxologico is aimed at the diagnosis and surgical treatment of all pathologies of surgical interest (from benign and malignant tumours of the colon-rectum,  thyroid tumours, gallbladder, inguinal hernia, haemorrhoids, rhagades  and many others). Surgeons use the latest and safest surgical techniques, employing both traditional and minimally invasive procedures resulting in less surgical trauma and in faster recovery times for the patient.

  • The Endocrine Surgery Centre treats all thyroid diseases such as thyroid tumours and thyroid nodules, goitre, and other endocrine diseases.
  • The Bariatric Surgery Centre specialises in the clinical assessment, surgery and post-operative follow-up for the treatment of  severe obesity and operates through a multidisciplinary team.
  • The Vascular Surgery Centre uses minimally invasive techniques for the treatment of varicose veins and venous insufficiency.
  • The Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Surgery Centre deals with diseases of the abdominal wall and intra-abdominal organs.
  • The Coloproctological Surgery Centre deals with diseases of the colon, rectum-anal region, and pelvic floor.

General Surgery




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The International Patient Service, designed as a “one-stop” service center, offers a comprehensive range of services for international patients including:

  • consultations and second opinions;
  • diagnostic services and telemedicine
  • billing and insurance
  • travel and lodging arrangements and cultural mediation services
Dr. Andrea Cestari
Dr. Andrea CestariChief, Unit of Urology
Dr. Vanni Petrarchi
Dr. Vanni PetrarchiChief, Unit of Orthopaedics
Dr. Gianlorenzo Dionigi
Dr. Gianlorenzo DionigiHead, Department of General Surgery


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