With Health Lombardy, Assolombarda has introduced the expertise of Lombardy excellent centers to address international healthcare needs.

Who we are?

Health Lombardy is the network of healthcare facilities associated with Assolombarda, for size and representativeness the most important association of the entire Confindustria System.

Health Lombardy in a global world

Our vision

The primary purpose of Assolombarda’s Health Lombardy is to introduce its healthcare network to the world’s healthcare demand, positioning the high reputation of Lombardy’s healthcare in the global environment.

Our mission

Assolombarda’s Health Lombardy initiative aims to showcase the excellent healthcare facilities in Lombardy to the global healthcare market.

The international partners of a virtuous system

Country Institution
Argentina. Consulate General of Argentina
Austria. Consulate General of Austria; ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA
Belgium. Belgian Embassy; Wallonia.be; Flanders Investment & Trade
Canada. Montréal International
People’s Republic of China. Consulate General of Italy Shangai; Italian Embassy in Peking; Italian Embassy in China; Italian Chamber of Commerce in China
Finland. Health Capital Helsinki; Kuopio Health; Turku Business Region; Business Oulu; Business Finland; Teknolog Ateollisuus; Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland; Finnish Ministry of Economy and Development; Finnish Embassy; Honorary Consulate of Finland in Milano
France. Snitem; Polepharma; Atlanpole; Genopole; French Embassy in Italy – Business France Milano
Germany. BioCon Valley; Bioriver; City of Dussendorf; MedLife eV; BioPark Regensburg GmbH; Life Science Nord Management GmbH
Hong Kong. Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Ireland. Enterprise Ireland
Lithuania. Embassy of Lithuania in Italy; Enterprise-Lithuania; Embassy of Lithuania
Mexico. Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico
Oman. Ambassador of Sultanate of Oman to Italy; Italian Ambassy in Sultanate of Oman ; Ministry of Health; InvestOman Rusyal Industrial City; National Pharmaceutical Industries NPI; OPAZ – Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones; Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Qatar. Hbku – Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Al Balagh, The View Hospital, Al Fardan Medical, Aspire / Aspetar, Hamad Medical Corporation
Saudi Arabia. Ambassador of Italy to Saudi Arabia; ICE Riyadh; Ministry of Investment; Ministry of Health; National Medical Care Company (MoU): Alhamadi Hospital; Mohammad Alfagih Hospital; Dallah Hospital; Somatco; Bassam Trading Company;
Singapore. Enterprise Singapore
Spain. CataloniaBio & HealthTech; Biocat; Basque Trade & Investment
Sweden. Business Sweden; Swedish Trade & Invest Council; Swedish Embassy
Turkey. Commercial office of the Turkish Consulate in Milan; ACIBADEM Group

United Arab Emirates. Consulate General of Italy in Dubai; Italian Embassy Abu Dhabi; ICE Dubai; SACE Dubai; Sharjah Health Authority; Abu Dhabi Department of Health, Food & Drug Authority; Università Khalifa in Abu Dhabi; Italian Business Council Dubay and Northern Emirates (MoU); Thumbay Group (MoU); Italian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates; ICE Dubai; SACE Dubai; Arabian Healthcare –Group LLC; Dubai Health Authority; University Hospital Sharjah; Daman

United Kingdom. One Nucleus; Biocat GmbH; British Consulate General Milan – Department for International Trade in Italy
United States of America. JobsOhio


Lombardy is the heart of an innovative economy characterized by qualified human capital that collaborate with excellent research centers.

Why Lombardy is the best medical destination in Europe?

Lombardy is the very heart of an innovative economy characterized by qualified human capital, able to attract research centers of excellence.

In Lombardy there are the main Italian research centers, among which 13 universities, 12 CNR (National Research Council) institutes and 19 IRCCS (Scientific Institutes for Research, Hospitalization and Healthcare).

Biotechnologies, biomedical technologies and pharmaceuticals, the network among hospitals and research and treatment centers are key resources for Lombardy’s development.

Lombardy hosts almost a third of biotech firms and medical devices in Italy.









Impact on the Healthcare System

Italy’s healthcare system is consistently ranked among the best in the world in terms of equal access to medical care and health statistics such as life expectancy. The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks it as the most efficient healthcare system.

Lombardy Region healthcare represents an excellence in Italy, given the highest number of research, innovation and private hospitals (representing 50% of the healthcare providers working for public health).



Research Centers


Scientific Research Hospitals (IRCCS)


Million of Hospital’s Admission


Million of outpatients treated


Admissions from other regions and Countries


Aorto-coronary bypass grafts per year (18% of the Italian total)


Hip replacements per year (21% of the Italian total)


Knee implants per year (16% of the Italian total)


Hadron therapy treatments per year

Lombardy: a front runner of medical innovation in Europe

Here some examples of innovative solutions, most of which were first discovered in Lombardy, in the fields of Cardiology, Oncology and Obstetrics.


In 2018 the Niguarda Hospital implanted a 100g Ventricular Assistance Device (VAD) with tele-monitoring capabilities, accessible 24/7, as well as ‘artificial heart’ functions, a pioneering feat in medicine as the first VAD of such capabilities and size. 


CNAO – one of few world-wide centres using hadrontherapy for the treatment of resistant and inoperable radio-cancers (using carbon ions and protons) – held the first ever case of a successful pregnancy after hadrontherapy for pelvic cancer treatment.


Lombardy has high-profile centers authorized to administer CAR-T, among which: the National Cancer Institute, Humanitas, Niguarda Hospital and Policlinico, the Azienda Socio-Sanitaria Territoriale Papa Giovanni XXIII, European Institute of Oncology (IEO).


San Raffaele Institute and Telethon (SR-TIGET) are the first to have ever created a cure for this rare disease, through gene therapy, and are the only ones authorized to administer it.


Pioneered by the European Institute of Oncology, radiomics is a diagnostic technology that enables the viewing and categorization of a tumour without an invasive biopsy. Born in Lombardy, it is now protocol world-wide.


This technology is the most advanced form of radiotherapy for treating cancer patients, a technology on which Hadrontherapy is based on. In Lombardy, both Humanitas and IEO I.R.C.C.S. have recently inaugurated high-tech centres for Proton therapy.


Italy’s top Impact Factor producer, the I.R.C.C.S. San Raffaele, is in Lombardy, making it the premiere Italian region for life science research and a true ecosystem in terms of cooperation and shared resources: The Intercompany Neuroscience Department of Pavia is a great example as it is a hub of grouped resources from multiple centers focusing on neuroscience care, advancement and research.

A hub for care and innovation

Thanks to the value of its social and healthcare, educational and university, research and production systems, Lombardy is an ecosystem conducive to innovation and research in Life Sciences. Lombardy indeed represents a hub for care and innovation, with an Impact Factor of over 33,387.98 which translates in high standards and outcomes for patients’ healthcare.

The advanced specialization of the Healthcare System leads to precision medicine approach in many different therapeutic areas, from non-communicable and rare diseases, to chronic conditions and advanced therapies. Healthcare Excellence is internationally certified by Performance Rankings and Certification Bodies, plus a National System monitoring outcomes and results for each Hospital and I.R.C.C.S.

Ranking of Lombardy’s hospitals

Italy’s healthcare system, and that of Lombardy in particular, is consistently ranked among the best in the world in terms of equal access to medical care and health statistics such as life expectancy.

Newsweek, – among the most important global news magazines, – produces an annual ranking of the best hospitals in the world, a series that began in 2019.


According to the “World’s Best Specialized Hospitals 2024” rankings, Lombardy hospitals appear in the rankings for all specialties considered (Cardiac Surgery, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics and so on).


According to the “World’s Best Hospitals” ranking, 14 of Italy’s top 50 hospitals are located in Lombardy.

International accreditations

Lombardy’s healthcare ecosystem ecompasses a huge portion of certified structures, accredited under numerous International institutions, among which are the OECI and the JCI.

Joint Commission

Italy benefits from having 29 JCI accredited healthcare structures, 9/29 which are focused in Lombardy, among which 2 also boast OECI accreditation.

Organization of European Cancer Institutes

Italy benefits from having 22 OECI (Organization of European Cancer Institutes) accredited healthcare structures, with 8/22 focused in Lombardy.

Medical Research & Education

Lombardy’s social, health, education, university, research and production systems provide an ecosystem that fosters life sciences innovation and research.

According to Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) data, more than 50% of the clinical trials carried out in Italy in the pharmacological field are concentrated in Lombardia Region.

International collaboration opportunities

The Lombardy’s research and education system offers huge potential for international collaboration opportunities through research conferences, joint research projects, doctoral exchanges and visits (in both directions), using such pathways as facilitators of networking as well as catalysts of medical progress and discourse.


Our ecosystem includes public and private international Medicine Universities and Competence Centers, investing in innovative cross-border education and trainings.

Lombardy: the heart of life sciences in Italy

Lombardy and Milano are the heart of Life Sciences in Italy, thanks to an interconnected ecosystem of companies and public and private organizations.

Considering both the direct contribution of the Life Sciences value chain sectors and the satellite industries activated in other economic sectors, in 2021 the value added of the Life Sciences value chain thus corresponds to 10.6% of GDP in Italy, while the incidence in Lombardy is even higher and amounts to 13% of the regional GDP, with an overall direct and satellite value added of more than 51.5 billion €.

The presence of distinct areas of excellence has allowed Lombardy to specialize in a wide range of therapeutic and research areas, becoming an international reference point in the world of healthcare.



13% of Lombardy total GDP

10,6% of GDP in Italy

346,303 employees /20% of the national figure)


> 770 companies of the value chain are part of Assolombarda

74,.5 billion € value of production (30% of the national value)

17% of national value: the Healthcare sector of Lombardy


310,000 students belong to the University network

15 Universities (of witch 7 with medical Faculties)


6,000 researchers

> 40 Research Centers and a national Life Science Technopole

20 Research Hospitals (IRCCS)

50% of clinical trials


282 Pharma local units with over 30,000 employees (44% of the national figure)

1.9 billion € investments in R&D (12% of the national investments of the sector)

9.45 billion € export value (33% of the national value)


1,401 companies (over 1/4 of the national figure)

117,607 employees (13.85% of the total italian value)


Health Lombardy has brought together the best medical excellence and facilities in Lombardy to help international patients meet all of their clinical needs.

Ranking of leading hospitals in Lombardy by clinical area

As confirmed by Newsweek, their 2024 rankings by sector highlight the Lombardy Healthcare centres to the right amongst the top 100 centres in the world for the specified field giving Lombardy.

Research Hospitals and Pathology Networks

Modern medicine requires a new model of hospital organization designed for the patient to guarantee the best treatment for everyone’s health needs in every circumstance.


Precision medicine



Mental health

Rare diseases


Molecular medicine


Musculoskeletal disorders


Cardiovascular Network

Oncological Network

Diabetic-endocrinology Network

Hepato-gastroenterology Network

Hyperbaric Medicine Network

Neuroscience Network

Clinical Nutrition Network

Rehabilitation Networks