The Mondino Foundation recently hosted a delegation from the Sharjah Health Authority in the United Arab Emirates. The meeting was included in the programme of visits to Lombardy healthcare facilities organized by Assolombarda for life science companies.

The EAU delegation consisted of the Chairman of Sharjah Health Authority, Abdel Saeed Bin Butti Al Mheiri, and the Commercial Affairs Manager of Sharjah Healthcare City Authority, Binu G Pisharadi. They were greeted by the President of the Mondino Foundation and President of the University of Pavia, Prof. Francesco Svelto, the CEO Dr. Gianni Bonelli and the Scientific Director Prof. Roberto Bergamaschi.

The meeting paved the way for future collaboration between the Mondino Foundation and the Emirate’s health authorities. The Sharjah Health Authority is committed to improving the health system in the Emirate of Sharjah and to developing and managing the ambitious Sharjah Healthcare City (SHCC) project, which aims to make the Emirate the most sought-after healthcare destination in the region.

In particular, SHA representatives have expressed interest in the establishment of a stroke unit, which will include a structured training programme for medical and nursing staff, as well as collaboration in the areas of second opinion and teleconsultation, diagnostic imaging, genetic testing and the treatment of neuroimmunological diseases.

“It was a pleasant meeting full of interesting ideas – commented DG Gianni Bonelli. – We are happy to have had the opportunity to deepen our knowledge of the Sharjah Health Authority with a view to future collaboration, thanks to this important initiative by Assolombarda. This is a new step forward in the internationalization of research and treatment activities, a fundamental axis of the strategy of our IRCCS”.

The Mondino Foundation Istituto Neurologico Nazionale IRCCS of Pavia is the oldest national institute specialized in the neurological field and is an international reference point for research, diagnosis and treatment of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and motor neurone disease), multiple sclerosis, headache and epilepsy in adults and children/adolescents. Other areas of interest include paediatric neuropsychiatry, neuromuscular pathologies, brain tumors, neurophthalmology, sleep medicine, neurogenic dysphagia, rare diseases of neurological interest in adults and children.

In the picture, from left to right: Anna Cavallini, Roberto Bergamaschi, Francesco Svelto, Abdelazizi Saeed bin Butti Al Mheri, Gianni Bonelli, Binu G. Pishardai, Enza Maria Valente, Anna Pichiecchio, Cristina Tassorelli.
References:  Mondino’s News


For patients coming from abroad, the Fondazione Mondino’s International Department organises an all inclusive service, making travel arrangements for patients and their companions, to ensure that their journey is safe and comfortable, and also managing the pre-treatment and the after-care processes. All this is possible thanks to a network of contacts in the various countries of origin and the availability of telemedicine facilities.

The Fondazione Mondino is well aware of the difficulties that can be encountered when seeking to obtain medical care in another country, and in a foreign culture. Supported by TMI, a medical tourism company whose mission is to be a point of reference in matching patient needs with the right healthcare facilities, the all-inclusive “door2door” service allows us to support our patients every step of the way: with the initial treatment plan and quotation requests, on their arrival in Italy through to their departure, and, through the network of contacts, also during the follow-up in their own country. Patients can be assured that they will feel “at home” at every stage of the treatment.

Considering the internationalization process started by Mondino Foundation, the Institute has recently made a collaboration agreement with Elite Medical Services (EMS), an international healthcare service company, based in Cairo, focused on medical consulting and assistance through the collaboration with the best hospitals of Italian healthcare excellence. Moreover, after the clinical framing, EMS deals with facilitating to the patient all the phases starting from diagnosis, planning and management of treatment/therapy to the logistical aspects whether in the country of origin or in Italy.

EMS has the key role to bridge between international patients and Italian excellence hospitals, being the reference point in Egypt and the Middle East for Italian Healthcare services dealing with medical and administrative issues.

Mondino Foundation puts his expertise, accumulated in 100 years of care and research in neuroscience, at the service of a global reality that involves several actors such as EMS.